Military medallions stolen from cemetery

85 medallion units and 45 medallion rods were taken from the Wauseon Union Cemetery.

People in Wauseon are describing the theft of military medallions as despicable.

85 medallion units and 45 medallion rods were taken from the Wauseon Union Cemetery since last Tuesday.

"The first time they took the entire staff and medallion. The second time they came back and took about 45 rods," said SherryAnn Franks, an unofficial caretaker of the graveyard.

The medallions represent all branches of military service and the head stones there are dated as far back as the Revolutionary War.

"It makes me ill," Franks said. "As I walked through here today, looking again, I noticed that my third grade teacher, her husband's was taken. None of them belonged to anyone except them, and it's just wrong."

As she walked through the cemetery, Franks clearly showed compassion for what has happened. She seems to know the stories behind many of the names etched in stone and somehow has a personal connection to each one.

Franks expects the replacement cost to be expensive, but she said it is what they deserve.

This is the first time anything like this has happened in this small community. It has been suggested that the thieves may have stole the items to get the money for scrap. The material, however, is brass, and not worth much money. They may have come back for the rods because the rods are not distinguishable.

So far, there are no leads as to who may have done the crime.