Misfiled documents ordered to Father Robinson's defense team

A Lucas County judge has ruled in favor of 72-year-old Father Gerald Robinson. Robinson was found guilty of the murder of Sister Margret Ann Pahl in 2006, 26 years after her death. Recently 136 misfiled police documents were discovered. Judge Gene Zmuda ordered those documents to be turned over to Father Robinson TMs defense attorneys.

Sister Margret Ann Pahl's body was found in the chapel at the former Mercy Hospital. She had been stabbed at least thirty times and strangled.

Robinson was questioned by police. It wasn't until a woman came forward in 2003 with a complaint alleging to have undergone years of sexual abuse. Father Robinson's name was mentioned in that complaint. Authorities then re-opened the murder of Sister Pahl charging Father Robinson with the crime, which he was later found guilty of.

The defense believes the uncovered documents will prove vital in their post conviction proceedings. If it were found to be material on the guilt or innocence [of Robinson] that should TMve been disclosed, said Richard Kerger, one of Robinson TMs attorneys.

Father Robinson TMs defense hasn TMt seen the documents yet. Kerger goes onto say if those documents demonstrate innocence by the prosecution, if it might implicate somebody else it might indicate that it could not have been my client things of that kind, we just don TMt know.

Lawyers say they have not spoken with Father Robinson who is currently serving a 15 years to life sentence at The Hocking Correctional Facility.