Missing Toledo toddlerâ??s mom arraigned on child endangerment charge

Elaina Steinfurth, only 18 months old, went missing June 2.


TOLEDO -- The mother of a missing Toledo toddler arrested on a charge of child endangerment faced a judge Thursday morning.

Angela Mories Steinfurth, 25, was arraigned on one count of child endangerment for an incident that took place the day her 18-month-old daughter, Elaina, disappeared. According to the court affidavit, Steinfurth admitted to police that her daughter sustained a serious physical injury on June 2, but she did not seek medical treatment for the child.

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Steinfurth cried as the judge issued a $250,000 bond in Toledo Municipal court. She is being held at the Lucas County jail.

But Steinfurth's father, Richard Schiewe, told reporters the only mistake his daughter made was trusting her ex-boyfriend, Steven King, Jr.

"She doesn't know where the baby's at, but she knew what happened to the baby," he said when asked about the child's injury. "I was told the boyfriend dropped the baby and she had serious physical injuries."

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The day Elaina went missing, Steinfurth and her children were staying at the home of her ex-boyfriend's mother. Schiewe says his daughter later admitted Elaina got hurt, but she never took her to the hospital.

"She kept saying it was Steven, Steven did it."

According to Schiewe, police haven't been able to find King since he was released from initial questioning. He asked for the community to continue to help the family search for Elaina.

"I just want her to be home, I just want to wake up and this all be over with," he said.

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Julie King, Steven's mother, told WNWO earlier this week that her son was dating Angela until recently, but the two broke up because of â??the way she treated her children.â?? She said her son has no involvement in the disappearance.

Police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Elaina's location.