MITEC Automotive brings dozens of jobs to Findlay

MITEC Automotive scoured the nation in search of the location to open its first plant in the United States. After an exhaustive search that sent company executives to 140 different locations they eventually selected Findlay. On Wednesday, Ohio governor John Kasich joined company executives and employees at the plant, located inside the old Findlay Industries Building. "We remain the #1 job creator in the midwest, number four in the country with 94,300 jobs created since January 2011," Mr. Kasich said.

MITEC builds balancer systems for powertrains and their roster of clients include General Motors, BMW and Volkswagen, to name a few. MITEC CEO Dr. Michael Militzer says his companies have a proven track record of success which has led to expansion and more hiring. "This is my fifth plant to open, and while the building today looks empty we will grow and expand," Dr. Militizer said.

There are currently 35 workers in the plant. Assembly line workers make between $13-$17hr. Dr. Militizer expects the plant will have 135 employees in 5 years. To learn more about MITEC visit their website