Modern and old cars displayed in Sylvania

Sue Jurski's '69 Impala on display

The Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Sylvania Car Show, on Main St. in Sylvania, on May 17, 2014. Over 250 cars were on display and awards were given for the ten best show cars and three awards will given for peopleâ??s choice.

Sue Jurski has been showing cars her whole life. â??Iâ??ve been doing car shows since I was a baby. I brought my kids up to do the same thing. We just love hanging out with cars.â?? Sue was showing off her 1969 Chevy Impala. â??Between my husband, my son, my sister and I, we have twenty-four cars. â??

Guests also enjoyed food, shopping, and childrenâ??s activities.

Jurski explained why she continues to display cars. She said, â??so people can see history. Newer cars look so different from these older ones. These older ones are like diamonds in the rough. They are true jewels and just to have one is fun. â??