Mom names heaviest German baby Jihad

Baby Jihad, the youngest of 14 children, shares a name with the term for Islamic holy war. / Source:

And you thought you hated your name.

A woman in Germany gave birth recently to what's believed to be the heaviest naturally born baby in that nation's history at 13 pounds, the Daily Mail reports.

As it that weren't enough, she then named the infant Jihad, the word used to describe Islamic holy war.

Technically, the word Jihad translates to "struggle" in English. But so does the German word "Kampf" and you don't hear about too many parents naming their children after the partial title of Hitler's book.

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While there is no indication that the baby Jihad will be raised to wage holy war, tension between German citizens and the immigrant Muslim community has increased in recent years, the paper reports.

About 3.5 million Muslims live in Germany, the second most in Europe, and roughly 80 percent do not have German citizenship.

Jihad has 13 older siblings, all born to Elfi Yaghi, 40, who weighs in at more than 500 pounds.

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