Mom of BGSU sorority sister had warned of safety

The blue car was carrying 5 BGSU Alpha Xi Delta sorority sisters, 3 were killed. The tan car was driven by Winifred Lein of Perrysburg, also killed in the crash.

The mother of a university student from Ohio says she talked with her daughter about being safe on a spring break trip with her sorority sisters, but didn't expect they'd run into danger even before reaching the airport.

Terri Seibold's daughter, Kristen, was in a car that dodged a wrong-way driver as two cars of Bowling Green State University students headed to the Detroit airport early Friday for a spring break trip to the Dominican Republic.

The second car collided head-on with the wrong-way vehicle, killing three Alpha Xi Delta members and the wrong-way driver.

Two sorority members were seriously injured.

Seibold tells The Blade that she's struggling to balance relief over her daughter's safety with the other families' losses.