Moment of silence to honor deaths in Veterans Glass City Skyway crane collapse

<p>The collapse in 2004 resulted in the death of four workers and four injured workers. </p>

The City of Toledo is asking a moment of silence in honor of those injured and killed during construction of the Veterans Glass City Skyway.

The city made its announcement for the tenth anniversary of the crane collapse. A moment of silence is requested for Sunday at 2:22 p.m.

The collapse resulted in the death of four workers and four injured workers. Robert Lipinski, Mike Moreau, Mike Phillips and Arden Clark were killed as a result of the incident that took place on Feb. 16, 2004.

The four men along with Josh Collins and Roger Henneman, who were injured as a result of the crane collapse, were members of Ironworkers Local 55 of Toledo. Allan Hedge and Mark Buck, also injured, were members of Operating Engineers Local 18.

Joe Blaze III, Business Manager for Local 55 and Shaun Enright, President of Northwestern Ohio Building & Construction Trade Council joins Mayor D. Michael Collins in memory of the men's deaths

â??Unions have made jobs safer, but there are construction projects that carry a risk, when despite the skill and experience, equipment or some other failure kills or injures one of our brothers or sisters,â?? said Shaun Enright in a prepared news statement. â??It is important that we never forget these four men who died or those who were injured and that we continue to push for industry safety standards through collective bargaining.â??

â??The iconic span of the skyway is a constant reminder of the marvels of our accomplishments, but it is also a constant reminder that our community lost four of its own in the process,â?? said Mayor Collins. â??I urge all residents of Toledo and the surrounding area to join us in a moment of silence at 2:22 pm to honor these men.â??