Moms petition for breastfeeding on Sesame Street

Big Bird learned about breastfeeding in the 70s, should kids be able to in the 2000s?

Take a look at the video above--It wasn't long ago that Sesame Street openly taught children about breastfeeding, and now nursing mothers hope to convince the show to bring it back in 2012.

View: Bring breastfeeding back to Sesame Street petition

Why should something acceptable on TV in the 70s and 80s become taboo a mere ten years later? A Yahoo blogger points out that the 2000s haven't been kind to the rights of nursing mothers, including a 2011 case where a judge forbid a woman to nurse in a courtroom under "his law" and how Facebook has deleted and banned photos of women breastfeeding their infants.

The Sesame Street breastfeeding petition was started by mom blogger Lani Michelle, who wants "lactivism" to go mainstream.

"Women breastfeeding are the images we want to show to our sons and daughters, so that they will view a woman's body as more then a sexual object. That's the only way we will see a change in future generations. My hope for this is that all moms, however they chose to feed their babies, come together and support one another." she wrote to Care2.

What do you think, should Sesame Street teach kids about breastfeeding? Leave your comment below with us.

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