Moms 'rent' disabled people to cut lines at Disney World

Black-market guides are reportedly being used at Disney World in Florida.


f what the New York Post has learned is true, there are more than a few Manhattan moms in the "Are you kidding me?" list.

The media giant reported Tuesday that some wealthy Manhattan mothers have come up with a way to avoid waiting hours on end in lines at Disney World. However, what they do to avoid those lines might make your jaw drop.

Moms have allegedly been hiring disabled people to act as if they are a member of the family. Disney World staff allow for any handicapped guest in need of a wheelchair or motorized scooter to cut lines and bring up to six guests with them to a closer entrance to the ride.

The going rate for a fill-in, phony family member? About $130 an hour, or over $1,000 for a day's work.

"You can't go to Disney without a tour concierge," one rich Manhattan mom told the New York Post. "This is how the 1 percent does Disney."

In contrast to the "black market Disney guide," as the Post called it, Disney offers a VIP Tour Service for upwards of $300.

That's more than double what a fake family member costs. The fake service is said to have been offered by Dream Tours Inc.; however, the company's website now states: "Due to inaccurate press and slander, Dream Tours is not offering VIP tours at this time. Our focus has primarily always been providing magical vacations for adults with special needs and helping their dreams to come true."

The Post reached out to Dream Tours and Disney for comment. Neither have responded.


What do you think of this story? Is it ok for families to use such a service if they can afford it? Or, is this exploitation by the 1-percent? Share your thoughts below.