Monclova girl shares story with Dr. Oz & NBC24

Kaylee Halko and Dr. Mehmet Oz

The Monday, March 8 episode of Dr. Oz was all about aging and one local girl shared her unique story.

Kaylee Halko, 6, of Moncolva has Progeria: a very rare diagnosis that makes her age rapidly.

On Monday's show, Dr. Oz talked about Kaylee's condition and some of the struggles she and her family have overcome.

After the show's broadcast, Kaylee and her parents, Marla and Tim, sat down with Laura Rice on NBC24 News at 6:00 p.m.

Her family says the biggest challenge is Kaylee's small size. But she does not let anything get in her way.

The Halkos say they want to bring awareness to the disease and they chose to only put Kaylee in the spotlight when the motives are genuine.

"Kaylee enjoys it a lot so we kind of look at it as what kind of show it is and if they're going to raise awareness and show her good-natured spirit and really we think about the effect that it will have on the family and really they've all been very good about wanting to do something like that," said Marla Halko, Kaylee's mom.

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