Monclova girl stars in TLC documentary

A very special little Monclova girl will be on TV screens across the country Sunday. Six year old Kaylee Halko is the star of a new TLC documentary.

She's living with a very rare disease called progeria. It makes her age rapidly. The condition only affects 54 children worldwide.

But even though Kaylee is very special, she's also a smart, loving, energetic and very normal 6-year old girl. And that's what her parents want to share with the world.

"That was our main focus of doing this story," says Kaylee's mom Marla. "Just to kind of raise awareness and let people know about progeria and the fact the kids are just regular kids that happen to have progeria." Kaylee's parents haven't seen the documentary yet and aren't sure if they will invite Kaylee and her three brothers to watch it with them.

You can catch the hour-long documentary called "6 going on 60" tonight on TLC at 9 o'clock and then again at midnight.