Monclova Township Garden Tour has something for everyone

Monclova Township Garden Tour has something for everyone

A brand new fundraiser that encourages guests to stop and smell the roses is coming to support the Monclova Community Center.

NBC 24 stopped by to learn what inspiration caused the event to take root.

“I grew up in the country," explained Joan Meyers. "We always had a vegetable garden, not flower garden so much. And I guess it’s that planting and enjoying and watching something grow.”

Meyers is the co-founder of the very first Monclova Township Garden Tour, which takes place June 17 from noon to 4 p.m.

She is also a board member for the Monclova Historical Foundation and was able to combine her two interests. The garden tour is a fundraiser to support the Monclova Community Center.

“The Monclova Community Center is an old school building that has been revitalized to hold different events, but it’s a beautiful building that the community enjoys different activities [in].”

The cost of the self-guided tour is $10 which includes a tour of eight different unique locations. It has something for everybody.

“One has lots of water features. Another home raises monarch butterflies. One is professionally done. One has a frog pond, so I think you’re going to see a great variety.”

Also included are over 2,000 flower-shaped cookies Meyers has baked for the event. Tickets are available at Hoen’s Garden center, or can be purchased Saturday at the first garden.

Meyers hopes to make the tour an annual event.

“I think the interest is there and I think this will grow. Just like the flowers in my garden, right?”

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