Monkey attack prompts calls for wild animal pet ban

The president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States called Friday for a ban on exotic animal pets in the wake of a monkey attack in Fremont one day earlier.

Wayne Pacelle said "cute and agreeable baby animals become aggressive and territorial as they mature," which is why he wants Ohio to reinstate rules that forbid private citizens from owning wild animals as pets.

Earlier this year, Gov. John Kasich directed the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to set up a process for public comment on the issue of wild animal pets. An Executive Order banning several kinds of wild animals expired when Gov. Kasich took office.

On Thursday, a grivet monkey took off its own leash and escaped from its owner in Fremont, police said. The monkey then attacked two young girls, leaving them with scratches, they said. During a nearly three-hour pursuit, officers unsuccessfully fired two live rounds at the monkey, who was later caught by its owner, police said.

The owner was cited with a minor misdemeanor for allowing an animal to run at large and faces a fine of up to $150.

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