Monroe HS grad killed in Afghanistan

Michael Ingram, Jr. / Facebook

A local hero is dead.

23-year old Army Corporal Michael K. Ingram, Junior of Newport, Michigan was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Family and friends remember their loved one.

"Ever since he was about 4 or 5 years old he said 'I want to be an army man when I grow up," said Michael Ingram, Senior, the soldier's father.

Ingram joined the service right after graduating from monroe high school in 2005. His plan was to eventually be in law enforcement.

His father tried to talk him out of joining during war-time but there was no changing his mind.

Getting the news of the corporal's death was his father's biggest fear.

"It's my worst nightmare come true that's by far," said Ingram, Sr. "I feared this from the time he got deployed. I feared the two guys at my driveway. He's got a lot of support from family and friends and he was just loved so much. Everybody was waiting for him to come home."

Ingram was scheduled to come home in less than a month and a half: June 5th.

"He'd been wanting to come home real bad here lately," said Ingram, Sr.

The soldier actually had the opportunity to leave early but he stayed out of loyalty.

"He could have come home about a month ago because he injured himself--a torn muscle in his groin--but he said he wasn't leaving his boys," said Ingram, Sr. "They went there together and he was coming home with his boys."

But that plan just was not meant to be.

Now his father is making plans of a different kind: funeral arrangements. But he says he could not be more proud of the well-liked, brave man he raised.

"He's a fallen hero but he's also still my son," said Ingram, Sr. "He joined the army because that's something he wanted to do and he was so proud of himself."

Details on Ingram's death have yet to be released.

His body is now on its way back home for a memorial service that his father says will be fit for the hero he was.