Monroe man beats the bulge, finds love in NBC's Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Season 14 runner up, Jeff Nichols.

A southeast Michigan man may not be the biggest loser, but he's pretty close.

Danni Allen, 26, of Wheeling, Illinois, took the title of NBC's hit "The Biggest Loser" on Monday night. She lost 121 pounds, 46.9% of her body weight, in the show's 14th season after starting out at 258 pounds. Coming in at runner up by just one single pound was Jeff Nichols, 25, of Monroe, Michigan. He lost 181 pounds, 46.65% of his body weight.

"I got a lot during my time at the ranch

," said Nichols. "

I would say two of the things that really helped put it all together for me were Francelina and Bob. They were people, not things. They kind of helped me work through my battles, work through my problems and just tie it all together."

Nichols and fellow contestant Francelina Morillo say they found love on the show and are now dating. Despite the budding romance, Nichols may need to make time for this season's big winner.


Jeff and I made a promise to each other, whoever won, we guaranteed we would take each other on a vacation somewhere. So the first thing we're doing is relaxing


taking a vacation

..." said Biggest Loser winner, Allen.