Monroe man remembered after Afghan plane crash kills 7

The names of the seven dead crew members were release soon after the horrible crash in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Jamie Brokaw was the co-pilot, and a Monroe, Michigan native. He'd flown planes for most of his life. Flying is a pastime he inherited from his father, who lives only a short distance from Monroe Aviation.

"His dad has always been very active in aviation as well. So Jamie grew up with it," says Monroe Aviation Owner Jerry Delaney.

He says Jamie, like most pilots, had a passion for flying. He says flying is something that pilots live, eat and drink, and Jamie was excellent at the controls.

Jamie also used his love of the sky to teach others.

"Jamie was also an instructor. He had that kind of passion and that kind of fire that he was passing on to people," says Delaney.

Jamie's wife was at Monroe Aviation when WNWO was there, she was still coming to grips with what had happened.

She did not wish to go on camera, but told us friends and relatives have reached out from all over the world to pay their respects. She adds that Jamie loved everything about flying and knew everything about planes.

Jamie was working his way up the ranks in the aviation industry, and was eager to take the job overseas.

"He was here just a few weeks ago. He was excited about what they were doing over there with the 747 and was excited about flying in that aircraft," Delaney explains.

Jamie had been logging flight hours to make Airline Transport Pilot or ATP, which is the level of commercial airline captains.

You need 1,500 hours of flight time in order to test for the ATP. Jamie Brokaw was just shy of the hours needed for that test.