Moody Manor case in jury's hand

On Wednesday the prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments in the Moody Manor murder trial. After Judge Frederick McDonald gave the jury their instructions the panel began their deliberations at 3:10 p.m. They stopped at 5 pm at which time Judge McDonald instructed them to return to court on Friday morning to resume their deliberations.

21-year-old Keshawn Jennings and 19-year-old Antwaine Jones face 8 felony counts including murder, aggravated murder and attempted murder. Proseuctors allege that the two men fired 16 bullets into apartment 2225 at the Moody Manor apartment complex on August 9, 2012. One of the bullets hit 1-year-old Keondra Hooks in the head. She died a short time later at St. Vincent's. Her 2-year-old sister Leondra was hit in the back but survived. If convicted Jennings and Jones could get life in prison.