Moratorium for now on Monroe Co. marijuana facilities

The demand is there for medical marijuana in Michigan. Across the state, 36,000 residents have a medical marijuana card that allows them to possess and or grow 2.5 ounces of pot.

The question for Southeast Michigan is: when will the supply come to them?

I hate to start something and have the government come in and say it's not legal or something, said Jim McDevitt, Frenchtown Township Supervisor.

In September, in response to a Florida man's request to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to Monroe County, McDevitt, officials in Bedford Township and Monroe County TMs legal team decided to place a 180-day moratorium on new marijuana growing facilities so they could better understand the issues and the law.

The moratorium gives us the opportunity to look at the land usage if we have to rezone an area for that to be grown in or if we would want to do a commercial building or things like that, said McDevitt.

Although they would be a first for Monroe County, marijuana growing facilities aren't new for Michigan. The closest such facility is in Southfield at Med Grow Cannabis College where you can sign up for a six week class and learn everything there is to know about growing and cultivating cannabis.

For McDevitt, it TMs not a matter of if, but when facilities like this will come to Southeast Michigan.

Yes, it'll probably happen. People have a need for the medical marijuana, but let TMs take and do it the right way and approach it in the right direction that everything is legal when it does happen.