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      More accusations over baby Elaina donations

      The feud between Elaina Steinfurthâ??s maternal and paternal family members continues, as more accusations surface that public donations are being mishandled.

      Elainaâ??s paternal grandfather, Terry Steinfurth, Sr., is now pointing the finger at Elainaâ??s maternal grandfather, Richard Schiewe. Steinfurth told WNWO during a phone interview on Monday that Schiewe has not only been collecting donations through a bank account, but he has also been placing collection containers around town.

      â??When this all first started we wanted no collection jars out,â?? said Steinfurth. He added, â??People take money, you donâ??t know how much is there, you donâ??t know what they use it for.â??

      Steinfurth said Elainaâ??s father, TJ Steinfurth, recently found a collection jar placed at a local business.

      â??There were signs up wanting money for Elaina and they had a cash jar up full of cash,â?? said Steinfurth. â??My son said â??Take it down, I have never approved any cash collections anywhere, I do not want cash collections anywhere.â??â??

      Schiewe was unapologetic when asked about the issue. He even showed WNWO an Elaina donation jar containing some spare change that he set up last week at a portable taco stand owned by a neighbor.

      â??Itâ??s right there, I donâ??t know how much is in there,â?? said Schiewe, as he motioned to the collection jar bearing Elainaâ??s photograph. He added, â??Iâ??m tired of everybody nit-picking over a nickel and a dime.â??

      Both the Steinfurths (PNC Bank) and Schiewe (Genoa Bank) have accounts set up to accept donations for Elaina. Both have told WNWO the accounts are set up as legal, non-profit business accounts.

      Steinfurth said the PNC Bank account is â??For bills and stuff that has come up because of what has gone on with Elaina.â?? Steinfurth told WNWO he is the trustee on the account and TJ is not able to take the funds out.

      Schiewe said although he does not know how much money his donations account contains, any funds not used to cover expenses related to baby Elaina would either be given back to donators upon request, or placed into a college fund for TJâ??s daughter, Kylie.