More murders in Toledo in 2011 than 2010

The city of Toledo recorded 24 homicides in 2010. With just a few days to go before 2011 expires the city says that there have been 29 intentional homicides this year. Toledo Mayor Mike Bell says compared to other cities its size and larger Toledo's murder rate is lower than most. "If you want to grade our police department don't compare us to some small city saying you are not as good as them," Mayor Bell said.

In 2010 there were 24 murders in Toledo which comes out to being 7.6 per capita. Between January and August of 2011 the city recorded 13 homicides, 4.12 per capita.

Toledo City Councilman Michael Collins concedes that murder is not a preventable crime but he blames the administration for inadequate staffing on the police force. "I am absolutely not satisfied with the staffing levels of our police department; we are at the fewest police officers per capita in the United States and I hold the current and the previous administrations responsible for that," Councilman Collins said.

Mayor Bell counters that the city is working to replace the officers who have retired, and says that during his term in office there have not been any layoffs of police officers.