More prostitution in Perrysburg Twp. leads to arrest of six

Six northwest Ohio residents were arrested and charged with solicitation prostitution, Feb. 26, 2012.

In what is becoming a familiar act, another prostitution bust in Perrysburg Township has led to the arrest of six northwest Ohio residents.

Officials from the Wood County Sheriff's Office, Perrysburg Twp. Police, Northwood Police, the Ohio Attorney General's Office, and the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office conducted a Solicitation Prostitution investigation at a Fremont Pike (US 20) hotel on Feb. 26.

Arrested in the latest undercover investigation were Nagib Mahmud, 22, of Toledo; Dominique Burkes, 26, of Toledo; Renee Champion, 27, of Toledo; Jorge Ramos-Crus, 20, of Norwalk; James Nickles, 42, of Elmore; and Hiral Kholal, 26, of Perrysburg.

All six were charged with solicitation prostitution, a 3rd degree misdemeanor.

In January of this year, five people were arrested in a similar sting in Rossford. Another nine individuals were arrested and charged for solicitation in a Perrysburg Twp. motel raid in June 2012.