More reaction to store clerk indictment

Last November 21, two men walked into the Express Carryout on Mulberry Street and attempted to rob the store. The clerk on duty got the upperhand on the would be robbers and fired multiple shots at them. One of the men, 25-year-old Lamar Allen, died after being shot multiple times. Last Thursday the clerk, 28-year-old Bandar Abu-Karsh was indicted by a Lucas County grand jury on a charge of voluntary manslaughter. Toledo resident Jeffery Schroeder disagrees with the indictment. "I didn't think it(the indictment) was right, it was self-defense during a robbery," Mr. Schroeder said.

While the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office has not provided specific details of when the shots were fired and where the parties were when the shots were fired, not everyone is so quick to absolve Mr. Abu-Karsh. Patti Gardner writes on the WNWO Facebook page: "The hard part is not knowing exactly how it came down. If Abu-Karsh shot the robber as he was leaving, then it wouldn't be self-defense."

Employees of Express Carryout did not want to talk to WNWO. If Abu-Karsh is convicted of the voluntary manslaughter charge he could be sentenced to up to 11 years in prison.