More red light cameras proposed to generate revenue for Toledo

Toledo's City Council is considering adding more red light cameras around the glass city.

Toledo's City Council is considering adding more red lights cameras, to the 30 already in place, in order to fund the city's recreation department.

In early December, city officials announced that around $300,000 in cuts could be made to the city's recreation services due to a lack of projected budget funds.

Now, Toledo Mayor Mike Bell's administration is proposing a plan that would use revenue generated from an additional 11 red light cameras to ward off the recreation cuts.

Under the plan, the new cameras would be in place by May but not everyone is sold on the proposal.

â??Red light cameras are supposed to be about making sure they ensure safety. Making sure our intersections are safer, etc. They are not just supposed to be revenue enhancers,â?? Councilman Steven Steel said.

While Steel is not completely opposed to the plan, he and Councilman Adam Martinez agree the proposal is still in the beginning stages.

â??Itâ??s a creative approach for finding additional funding,â?? Martinez said.

Late last year, the council approved a 3/4 tax that will go before voters in March.

At the time, officials said that if it did not pass the recreation cuts would be a certainty

There is no word yet on how the revenue from red light cameras might play into the city's 3/4 tax proposal.