More Snow, Wind, Drifting & Dangerous Cold

<p>A Winter Weather Advisory in effect through 4 p.m. Thursday.</p>

A Winter Weather Advisory in effect through 4 p.m. Thursday with good reason. We will receive another couple of inches of snow to the already impressive totals on the ground.

The snow will begin to become scattered in nature by Thursday afternoon. Many counties are going from Level 1 Snow Emergencies to Level 2 - which means STAY IN and let the road crews do their thing. VIEW: Snow Emergencies list

In addition to the heavy snow that has fallen, winds howling out of the north and gusting to 35 mph will make drifting of this light and fluffy snow a real hazard. We may actually see some east/west running roadways become impassable during the day, overnight and Friday with drifts that will be measured with yardsticks!


Real-time list of business closings and event cancellations for Thursday

We're not done there. The temperatures and winds will make it dangerous to be outside. We're talking FROSTBITE territory. We will see mid-day highs Thursday in the mid-teens, falling into the single digits by evening and going sub-zero by Friday morning. The windchills will be off the charts w/ sub-zero "feels" all afternoon and windchills as cold as -20 degrees by daybreak Friday.

That's a lot to deal with. Simply put, if you don't have to venture outside stay put! More snow falling into this afternoon, howling winds gusting to 35mph producing huge snowdrifts and dangerously cold windchills all issues that could imperil those who encounter the unexpected Thursday and Thursday night.

Friday will offer sunshine, wind and cold with highs near 10 degrees. Saturday starts out sunny and cold with lows near 0. Clouds increase throughout the day with a relative heatwave as highs get into the mid 20's.

It looks like another signifcant winter storm moves in by Sunday morning and may offer another round of heavy snow. On the backside of that system the coldest air we've seen in years rolls in for the first half of next week w/ Tuesdays lows (temps not WC's) of -10 with highs near 0.

Make sure you have a winter safety kit and a full tank of gas in your car if you need to head out. Accidents happen and we've got numerous hazards out there. Stay smart & safe!


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