Mosque arsonist changes mind about guilty plea

The Indiana man convicted of setting fire to the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo has filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. On December 19, 52-year-old Randolph Linn of St. Joe's, Indiana signed a binding plea agreement with federal prosecutors admitting that he intentionally set a fire in a prayer room of the Islamic Center. Linn agreed to a 20 year prison term as part of the plea deal. Attorney Cherrefe Kadri, the newly elected President of the Islamic Center, is not surprised by Linn's move. "He was looking at 20 years and in my experience working with clients, once that sentence starts to sink in after they enter the plea they start to realize what they have done," Ms. Kadri said.

Linn was scheduled to be sentenced on April 16. The federal judge presiding over the case will hold a conference call Thursday morning with prosecutors and Linn's defense attorney to discuss Linn's withdrawal motion.