Mother in baby Elaina case back in court for pretrial hearing

Baby Elaina's remains were found in an east Toledo garage in early September.

Angela Steinfurth will make another court appearance Wednesday morning in the case of her daughter, baby Elaina, whose remains were found in an east Toledo garage in early September.

Steinfurth has been held behind bars on charges of obstruction of justice since her indictment in July. Her attorney has been asking for more time to review more than 30 hours of tape interviews with Toledo Police investigators.

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Steinfurth and her ex-boyfriend, Steven King were the last people seen with baby Elaina when she was reported missing back in June.

Steven Kingâ??s court date has been pushed back until Nov. 4.

The toddler's skeletal remains were found in a detached garage at a home belonging to Kingâ??s family. WNWO spoke to Kingâ??s mother who said her son directed investigators to Elainaâ??s location.

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Disagreements between Elainaâ??s maternal side and paternal side have continued to come up throughout the investigation --shouting matches between the families outside the courthouse in August, as well as allegations in late September of misused funds from Elainaâ??s public donations .

Angela's step-father, Richard Schiewe, has been attending previous pre-trial hearings and spoke to WNWO about missing baby Elaina.

"I can't forgive and I can't forget, but like I said, this is a two-sided story, not just one-sided, not just the Steinfurth's. I don't care if anybody gets mad about it, but it's my family just as much as it is their family," Schiewe said.

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Family and friends paid their final respects at baby Elainaâ??s funeral at the end of September.

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