Mother of homicide victim prepares for sentencing

<font size="4">Beth Spaulding-Risenburg overdosed on methadone.</font>

On February 24, the Fremont man charged with fatally drugging his wife will be sentenced on February 24.

The victim's mother, Maureen Spaulding, wants alleged murderer Jason Risenburg to face life in prison.

But she doesn't see that as a realistic outcome.

"As long as he's in jail, I feel like I got justice for her," Spaulding said. "Which is what I wanted."

38-year-old Jason Risenburg of Fremont is charged with over dosing his wife Beth Spaulding-Risenburg with methadone.

He's entered a plea agreement that could put him in prison for 11 years.

Risenburg is expected to plead guilty of involuntary manslaughter but not first degree murder.

She won't be surprised if Risenburg revokes his plea agreement.

"This has been a tennis match from the get go," she said.

Spaulding's daughter was hospitalized once before her death for methadone consumption.

Risenburg claimed to have given his wife the drug accidentally.

Spaulding won't feel safe the day Risenburg is released.

"That's all I think about," she said. "I'm terrified what that's going to mean for me and my family. Is he going to go off into the night somewhere and have whatever life remains to him? Or do I have to worry?"

Spaulding is hoping for a lot: a life sentence and an apology from Risenburg.

She doesn't expect either one to happen.

At the very least, she says people in dangerous relationships can learn from her daughter's tragic story. ã??