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      Mother of missing baby Elaina due in court for third pre-trial hearing

      The mother of missing baby Elaina Steinfurth will make her third court appearance at a pre-trial hearing Wednesday morning.

      Her case is scheduled at 9 a.m. Angela Steinfuth faces charges of obstruction of justice for her daughter, Elaina Steinfurth, who has been missing for more than three months. The attorney of Steinfurth in the previous pre-trial hearings asked for additional time to review evidence in the case. In a hearing back in mid-August, Steinfurth's attorney asked to analyze nearly 30 hours of video interviews taken with Steinfurth and Toledo Police.

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      Angela and her ex-boyfriend, Steven King, were the last two people seen before Elaina's disappearance. King was also charged with obstructing a police investigation. In a court appearance mid-August, King pleaded not guilty. He is accused of making numerous false statements to police.

      Toledo Police filed a complaint against King on Jul. 22 after an extensive review of evidence in the case.

      In late June, a report surfaced that Angela Steinfurth confessed to a fellow Lucas County Jail inmate that she and King threw Elaina's body in the Maumee River. "She told me they wrapped her up in blanket and took her down by the High Level Bridge," said a relative of the inmate. "And, he (King) stood behind her and she [Angela] threw this baby in the river."

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      Family members and friends gathered last week Thursday at a bi-weekly vigil near the home where Elaina was last seen. Pastor Steve Salyers of North Point Church of the Nazarene spoke about keeping faith during the difficult times.

      "We don't know what's going to be the outcome, but we believe that the truth is going to come out one way or another," said Salyers. "And we're just going to continue as long as we can, Lord willing, to keep the faith up, to encourage and do whatever we can."

      Another march and vigil for Elaina Steinfurth will be held outside the Lucas County Courthouse on Sept. 8 at 3 p.m.