Mother of missing childs' ex-boyfriend threatened on Facebook

Toledo, OH - On aFacebook page dedicated to the Elaina Steinfurth search effort, a photo of Steven King holding his son, was put up with a caption that he was wanted by the FBI.

Steven is the ex-boyfriend of Angela Steinfurth, Elaina's mother, and was reportedly present when the baby was reported missing.

The photo was taken down a short time after it was posted. Steven's mother, Julie King, tells me it was taken down because it's not true. A later post did make that correction, stating, "...we have NOT been notified that he is wanted..."

Numerous comments were posted before the photo was taken down, some threatening to hurt Steven if he didn't say where the baby is.

Julie King told WNWO that Steven is in hiding, but only because of threats that have been made against him.

She says the authorities know exactly where he is, and picked him up for questioning as recently as Thursday.

Julie says she has asked her son directly if he had any involvement at all in the disappearance, he replied he knows nothing about what happened to Elaina.

Steven reportedly picked up Angela and her two children in his mother's van late at night on June 1.

Surveillance footage obtained exclusively by WNWO Thursday night, shows Angela Steinfurth with a seemingly healthy Elaina earlier that day, holding and kissing the baby.

The video is the last record of the baby being seen. Sometime between when it was taken and the report of Elaina's diappearance the next afternoon is the gap that everyone wants filled.