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      Motorcyclists ride for teen killed by train

      Motorcyclists rode to remember a Springfield High School student almost four years after he was hit and killed by a train.

      About a hundred bikers rolled out of Toledo Harley Davidson at the fourth annual Cody Brown Memorial Ride. The 15-year-old was killed in 2009 when attempting to cross the McCord Rd. railroad crossing on his way to school.

      â??This ride keeps us in tune with Cody, this is one special day,â?? said Codyâ??s Father, Jeff Brown. He continued, â??We donâ??t have Christmas and Thanksgiving and all of that, but we have this ride every year for him.â??

      Since Codyâ??s death, his family has raised over $10,000 for scholarships and the baseball program at Springfield High School. Funds raised from Saturdayâ??s memorial ride will go to Vail Meadows to help replace therapy horses lost in a barn fire in March.

      â??This is something heâ??d want to do and so we want to keep carrying it on as his Mom and Dad and keep his good memory alive,â?? said Brown.

      Bikers rode past landmarks along the course that were important to Codyâ??s life, including those linked to his tragic death. One of those landmarks was the McCord railroad crossing, located just steps away from Springfield High School.

      Plans have been made to turn the McCord railroad crossing into a safer underpass. Construction on the multi-million dollar project is expected to begin in 2013.