Mt. Blanchard residents sound off on Riverdale teacher charge

<font size="3" face="Calibri">No court date has been set yet.</font>

MOUNT BLANCHARD -- The Riverdale teacher who was seen pushing a 6-year-old against a wall on surveillance video is now facing a misdemeanor child endangering charge.

Kindergarten teacher Barb Williams was caught on video aggressively grabbing her student, Ian Nelson.

Ianâ??s father calls the charge a slap on the wrist.

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â??Itâ??s disgusting that theyâ??d let this go with just a misdemeanor,â?? Mr. Nelson said.

Mt. Blanchard native Bob Bennett says he's surprised and disappointed by the charge. Bennett is a friend of teacherâ??s husband.

â??I think it was just a situation, where sheâ??d put up with it and put up with it and finally she snapped,â?? Bennett said.

Some of Williamsâ?? neighbors are still standing up for her, despite an online petition with more than 2,600 signatures demanding that she be fired.

Michelle Gessner signed that petition. She has three kids at Riverdale. When she thinks of an appropriate charge, she doesnâ??t think it is a misdemeanor.

â??Makes me sick,â?? Gessner said. â??Not a high enough punishment. We need to go higher.â??

The last thing Gessner wants is to see Willimas return to Riverdale next year. The teacher was suspended until the end of the school year, ten days without pay. School officials have said another punishment is possible.

No court date has been set yet.

The Nelson familyâ??s attorney says there are no plans for a lawsuit.