MTV going back to playing all music videos

If you "Want your MTV"'re about to get it back.

When MTV debuted in 1981, it changed the face of music...literally.

Prior to the music video channel, unless you went to a concert or caught a late-night performance on broadcast TV, you had only the promo pictures in magazines and liner notes in albums to see what the performers looked like and acted like on stage.

Once MTV launched, the game changed...and the jump from musicianship and songwriting to fashion and performance was complete.

And if you've watched MTV at all in the last several years...then you know the music videos that so changed the world of music have been glaringly absent.

MTV will go back to its roots and play all music videos once again.

But only for a day. (Okay...more like 12 hours).

The network has announced that July 4th will be "Music Independence Day" and that they'll be running all music videos from 6am to 6pm.

Sister networks VH1 and CMT will join in on the 12 hours of nostalgia.

A statement from the network says "MTV, CMT and VH1 will provide the ultimate party playlist for everyone to revel in, covering all genres from hip-hop to bluegrass to EDM to cowpunk, exposing new artists, celebrating the superstars and offering a chance to directly support those who work so hard to play the music we love."

So enjoy it while you can. After's back to "reality", quite literally.

Do you remember when MTV ran all music videos? Who was your favorite early artist from the network's early years? Can you name the artist in the photo that accompanies this story?