Mud Hens plan for Hensville development

<font size="2">The $21 million expansion project is inspired by Chicagoâ??s Wrigleyville.</font>

Mud Hens fans might watch Opening Day 2016 from a rooftop on St. Clair Street. A Warehouse District expansion project called Hensville includes rooftop dining and is set to receive $1.5 million in state funding.

The $21 million expansion project is inspired by Chicagoâ??s Wrigleyville. Itâ??s a franchise effort to operate restaurants and banquet facilities near the stadium.

Mud Hens General Manager Joe Napoli is having a tough time measuring his excitement.

â??On a scale of one to ten, twenty-five,â?? Napoli said. â??Weâ??re absolutely thrilled."

One of the buildings where the rooftop seating is planned has been vacant since the Mud Hens played in Maumee. Toledo Warehouse District Association President Diana Keil-Hipp said she's happy the Mud Hens are finally putting the building to use.

â??Itâ??s just sitting there vacant, when things around it have developed. And itâ??s beautiful across the street from there,â?? Keil-Hipp said. â??Itâ??s beautiful down the block from there.â??

The Mud Hens also plan on turning a parking lot near the stadium into a concert area and expanding the teamâ??s Swamp Shop.