Mud Hens teams up with Miracle League

Baseball players with special needs stepped up to the plate on Sunday with several players from the Toledo Mud Hens.

Athletes from the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio took the field alongside Danny Dorn, Brandon Douglas, Corey Jones, and Kenny Faulk of the Mud Hens at Brentwood Park in Northwood. The volunteer Mud Hens met with athletes, signed autographs, and played a few innings during the Miracle League all-star game.

â??Itâ??s awesome to be able to come out and play a game with the kids,â?? said Mud Hens infielder Brandon Douglas. â??It makes it all worthwhile when you see the smile on their faces.â??

Special needs athletes with wheelchairs, walkers, and other disabilities were all able to play because of the fieldâ??s special turf. After plenty of heavy hitting, the gameâ??s final score was â??A lot of runs to a lot of runs,â?? meaning everyone who participated was a winner.

Miracle League athlete Abigail Czech told WNWO she came on Sunday â??To play baseball and have fun.â?? Teammate Dalton Keeneo added, â??Weâ??re out here hitting home runs and playing a fabulous game.â??

Eight teams currently play Sunday games in the Miracle League, with the Spring 2013 season ending on June 9th. It is the leagueâ??s mission to give every child the chance to play baseball.