Multiple overnight shootings

Toledo police had there hands full last night investigating three unrelated shootings throughout the city.

The first incident happened when a man tried to break into 525 Cleveland St. in North Toledo.

"Shortly after 11pm, we received a call of a person shot on Cleveland Street during commission of a home invasion, [home]robbery," said Toledo Police PIO Joe Heffernan.

About a half hour later, police were called to a residence on Everett Street where 19-year-old Johnika Halls was shot in the knee. She was reportedly sitting on the porch of her boyfriends house when someone opened fire on the house. Halls is pregnant.

30 minutes after that, police received another call of shots being fired near Greenwood and Parker. There they found two men who had been shot. One man was shot in the chest and the other was shot in the neck.

A mug shot was released from that shooting. Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Darnell Gibson, whom they call a "person of interest."

"He currently has a warrant for felonious assault in regards to that shooting," said Heffernan.

In every case, noone wished to do an on-camera for fear of there own safety or possible retaliation.

One person, who lives in residence involved in the Everett Street shooting, said she was moving as soon as possible because the area was getting too dangerous.

Police reported that they did get a call on a fifth shooting victim. However they say after investigating the incident and interviewing the alledged victim, evidence points to that person having accidentally shot himself.

Toledo Police don't have a motive for two of the shootings, but say they expect all the victims to be ok.