Multiple types of bullets found in NW Ohio H.S., School temporarily placed on lockdown

The start of the school day was a scary one for students, their parents and staff at Pemberville's Eastwood High School on Friday.

Just as students settled in for first period, around 7:45 a.m., officials say a student found several 22 caliber bullets, several 9mm rounds and one .223 round in the boys bathroom.

Officials say, after making the discovery, the student alerted the school's resource officer who placed the school on lockdown.

"They told us we were going into a lockdown drill and then found out it wasn't a drill," 9th grader Natalie Reidling said.

Following protocol, put in place following school shootings across the country in recent years, between 8 and 10 Wood County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene and searched each room, locker and backpack for weapons and additional ammunition.

"There were a few people in the class that started freaking out," Reidling recalled of the mood in her classroom.

That fear would subside for most, however, when authorities completed their search of the building.

"We're pleased there were absolutely no weapons found. The school is no longer in lockdown," Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said.

Following the search, administrators put students on a modified schedule, to make up for class time lost during the search, and a handful of officers were assigned to remain at the school.

Still, some concerned parents, who were sent an alert on the situation, arrived at the school to take their students home.

"She said she wanted to pick me up because she wanted to be safe in case something was going to happen," Reidling said of her mother.

Authorities are investigating the possibility that the discovery was meant to be a prank but haven't ruled out a more sinister goal.

Eastwood School Superintendent Brent Welker told WNWO that he is convinced the bullets were left there "intentionally" but is still unsure if the person had any intent to do harm.

Wasylyshyn had a more innocent explanation of the incident saying, "We have a lot of students here who hunt and do other shooting. So itâ??s likely they brought it and didn't want to get caught."

Done on purpose, or not, officials say they will use the school's surveillance cameras to determine who left the live ammunition in the restroom.