Murder suicide investigation continues

The investigation continues into the apparent murder suicide at 5142 Harvest Lane. Toledo police are trying to figure out why this tragedy occurred.

Two adults, three young children and three animals were found dead in the garage of the residence in West Toledo.

Police say they were located in a Honda Civic, with a hose running from the exhaust of a truck, into the rear windows of the Civic.

"[We're] at the stage that we are just trying to get some of the reasoning as to why some of this may have occurred," says Joe Heffernan of the TPD.

Officials say the three children have been in the care of their Grandmother, 56-year-old Sandy Ford, since March of 2009.

"One of the [other] children was having behavior difficulties. And the mother asked her parents to keep the kids while they work on some of the problems that this youngster was having," says Dean Sparks, with the Lucas County Children Services.

Sandy Ford and the kids uncle, Andy Ford, were to two adults found dead in the Civic.

The mother and father, 35-year-old Mandy Hayes, and 38-year-old Christopher Hayes, were reportedly trying to regain custody of her children. Police say this may have been the motive.

"Any parent can request that somebody else help care for their children. And that's what happened here. There was no formal placement. No action in court," explained Sparks.

The Lucas County Child Services say that they were contacted by the Sandy Ford late last week regarding guardianship. The children were said to be in custody of the mother as recent as Saturday. They say there was no indication that something like this would happen.

Sparks says, "No one can ever know what's going on in someone's mind. Particularly when it involves something this heinous like a murder suicide.

Police say asphyxiation, would have taken only minutes.

The parents do have two other children that were not staying with the Grandparents. They are in the custody of their parents.

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