Music pioneer, Russell Simmons, to announce Kucinich endorsement


Marcy Kaptur recently captured the endorsement for Congress of Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks and political figure Bob Dole. Now Dennis Kucinich is being endorsed by a big name.

Music pioneer, businessman, and activist Russell Simmons is expected to announce his endorsement for Kucinich Saturday, March 3rd at Scott High School.

Simmonsâ?? rose to riches and fame when he and Rick Rubin founded the pioneering record label Def Jam. Simmons is also a well established fashion icon with his clothing line Phat Farm. A CNN report in April of 2011 reported Simmons as the third richest figure in Hip-Hop; worth 340 million.

Fame and riches aside, Simmons is also largely known for his leadership and activism; supporting causes from animal rights to community development.

He says Kucinich is a voice of Main Street Americans and progressive politics; stating that Ohio canâ??t afford to lose his voice.

"He has always stood up for middle class Americans and for those who are struggling to reach their dreams against the efforts by corporate America to enrich itself at the expense of everyone else.â?? Russell Simmons said.

Northwest Ohio Minority contractors Association (NAMC), along with Simmons, will also announce their support for Kucinichâ??s seat in the newly drawn Ohio 9th congressional district.

â??Due to his diligence in listening to our concerns of economic disparity in the Toledo area we have decided to endorse congressman Kucinich,â?? said NAMC president Jackie Ruffin.

Topics for the event will include youth and community empowerment, economic development, peace and the need to vote.

Simmons and the NAMC are to declare the endorsement noon on Saturday in the Gym of the newly renovated Scott High School. Doors for the event are to open at 11:15pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Information provided by the Northwest Ohio Minority contractors Association.