My Republic Rewards Program entices community to recycle

The city of Toledo hopes the new recycling program will motivate whole neighborhoods to participate. / nachetz (Flickr)

Attention residents that get trash services from Republic Services: You may want to start pushing your neighbors to recycle.

Republic Services will begin their My Republic Rewards program in September, which repays avid recyclers with savings.

Through micro chips installed in every customers' recycle bin, trash trucks can instantly scan and analyze the weight of its contents. Depending on the tonnage, customers will receive coupons for local and national businesses.

Republic Services representatives hope the program will engage communities and motivate whole neighborhoods to participate.

Republic Services signed a contract with the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District on July 5 of this year to begin collecting waste and recyclables from residences in Toledo. The company, formerly known as Allied Waste in Toledo, decided to change its name to Republic Services here and across the country for the sake of uniformity.

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