MyGodMadeSex: So says Cedar Creek

The popular house of worship, Cedar Creek Church, is teaching abstinence to local high school students with a new campaign, My God Made Sex.

Ben Snyder is a high school pastor at the Perrysburg campus of Cedar Creek Church. He is one of the faces behind the campaign. The truth is students are talking about it all the time whether we realize it or not, Snyder.

Everybody talks about sex, its everywhere said Shiloh Johnson, a freshman at the University of Toledo. She believes the campaign does a good job of capturing young people TMs attention, I think it TMs a little interesting to put God and sex in the same sentence.

Snyder said he has received several phone calls in support of the campaign. He has also received concerns from people who do not think it TMs the churches place to talk about sex. Shiloh believes that perspective is outdated, that could be a little bit old fashioned because as times change you need to change things to make them fit.

Shari Haueter is the mother of three young boys. I feel very strongly that this is a great campaign, that its something that needs to be done within the church because its happening out there, they TMre talking about it, Haueter.

According to Snyder, 60 to 70% of students have experimented. He hopes to carter to the needs of Cedar Creek high school students and provide guidance to more teens drawn in by the topic. Snyder said the church can no longer remain silent on the issue of premarital sex and youth. Instead, Cedar Creek will offer an alternative clear Biblical case for how we TMre supposed to live with this [sex].

Cedar Creek Church has branches in Toledo, Perrysburg and Whitehouse. For more information about the campaign, visit