Nasty start to the work week

Rain will come down in sheets as a cold front approaches this morning. The warm temps are a thing of the past... as we get into this afternoon the cold front passes to the east and will take the widespread rains with it. In the wake of the cold fron the cooler air will rush in. Horizontal rains will be the story this morning as winds will gust to 40 mph out of the west. Rain tapers off this afternoon and temps will fall rapidly - through the 40's and into the 30's by this evening with windchills even cooler than that. Umbrella early - jactets required this afternoon.

Skies will clear overnight as temps fall into the upper 20's by dawn Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday will be chilly with highs striving to get into the lower 40's (that's nearly 10 degrees below seasonal norms) in spite of tons of sunshine.

Temps will moderate late in the work week and into the weekend. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will be the rule Thursday through Sunday and temps will gradually warm up with highs in the upper 40's late this week and into the lower 50's for the upcoming weekend.

And finally - just a special shout out of thanks to all of our Veterans on this special day. The sacrifices and bravery of our nations best and their familie's and loved ones can never fully displayed... but we'll try here in the Greatest Nation of Earth. Thanks so much for your bravery and sacrifice!