National Authorities take close look at Toledo algae blooms

The National Wildlife Federation along with local politicians took to the waters of lake Erie Sunday to see the heart of Toledoâ??s water crisis for themselves. Federation President Colin Oâ??mara said â??this crisis can be the tip of the iceberg if we don't address it.â??

Less than fifteen minutes from shore the first glimpse of the massive algae blooms become visible.

The color of the water transformed from a transparent blue, to a thickish green. At certain points it became so bad that the boats propeller struggled to make it through the sludge.

Oâ??mara says a combination of various runoff pollution and the close proximity of the algae blooms to the cityâ??s water intake is responsible for the current situation. He says if the problem doesn't gets fixed things like fish population, tourism rates, and even property value can take a nose dive.

But there is a silver lining. Oâ??mara says if Toledo can learn from the current crisis there is a chance the glass city can be at the forefront of fixing a national problem.

If we can figure out how to solve these issues right here in Ohio we can create a model for across the countryâ??