Navy band rocks downtown Toledo

A Navy band, Horizon, rocks out in downtown Toledo, as a part of Navy Week

As a part of Navy Week Toldeo, a Navy band rocks out in Levis Square in downtown Toldeo.

Playing songs from Ray Charles to Jack Johnson, this Navy band called Horizon, has stopped in Toledo.

Partnered with the Marines and some of Canada's Navy, the band is commemorating the War of 1812.

Horizon, an eight member band, is a part of anorchestra, which is playing in downtown Toldeo tomorrow.

Today, Horizon played more popular music, whereas tomorrow, the orchestra will play more classical music, with some pop music.

The band tours around the region every summer.

Michelle Werner, MU3, Musician Third Class, commented about the band.

"We tour around and perform at Navy weeks and airshows, so that basically the Navy presense is in communities that do not typically see sailors everyday."