NBC 24 captures live Golf Channel broadcast

<font size="2">Even with all the experience in the room, the job still requires a high level of attention.</font>

NBC 24 joined Golf Channel's production team as it broadcasted the Marathon Classic from Highland Meadows.

Golf Channel hit the air shortly after 3 p.m. for Thursdayâ??s broadcast. The intensity was high inside production control, where directors, producers and other team members coordinate nearly every aspect of the broadcast.

â??The atmosphere in the truck when we start the show is usually a little high, everybody getting ready to go on air. It levels off fairly quickly, because everybody in here has done this so often,â?? said Golf Channel Director, Bryan Hennessy.

Strong communication between the production team, anchors and camera operators translated to solid on-air presentation. Even with all the experience in the room, the job still requires a high level of attention.

â??And once we get on air, you have to focus pretty hard for the full two hours because, like I said, there's action all over the golf course, things are changing in different spots and we have to adjust to things as they change,â?? said Hennessy.

Some of those changes are handled by the graphics team. Inside the graphics room, staffers created on-air statistics, scores and leaderboards. Back in production control, the producer used those graphics to update viewers in real-time.

It appears to be a stressful task, but for the pros at Golf Channel, itâ??s just another day on the links.