NBC's Biggest Loser makes a stop in Toledo

NBC's Biggest Loser visits Monroe County Jam with WNWO's host of Toledo's Biggest Loser, Kelly Heidbreder.

Patrick House said at 425 pounds, he was only 27 years old, but in the body of a 60 year old man. He had to make a change and he was lucky enough to be selected as one of NBC's Biggest Loser contestants for season 10.

"I never knew how I felt at 400 pounds until I started waking up at a healthy weight and I realized how great I felt. I look back and I was waking up in the morning with my back hurting, knees hurting, even before I get the day going," House said. "Now I realize my quality of life is next to nothing. I was waking up sore and tired and going to bed sore and tired. Now, I'm at a healthy weight, I'm waking up, I'm exercising and still feeling great."

House told the producers that he was going to do whatever it took to be the biggest loser--and he did. H e was sequestered to the ranch with the other contestants and went through grueling training sessions with B iggest L oser trainers, B ob Harper and Jillian Michaels. After six months, he lost 202 pounds and won. In his recent visit to Toledo, he says it takes dedication.

" You're doing what you can. You are trying. You're trying to change," He continues, " The people that aren't trying to change are the people that are still obese and still hitting the buffets and still hitting the fast food lines. Those are the people that aren't trying. You're in the gym, you're giving it what you can and you should be patted on the back for that."

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