Nearly naked women in shoebox protest in Toledo

Two PETA reps protested the leather industry in a shoebox.

PETA stripped down for a cause yet again in the Glass City. On Wednesday, two women "lying bloodied and nearly naked in a human-size shoebox" protested the leather industry in Toledo.

At noon, PETA reps gathered at the intersection of Madison Avenue and North Michigan Street with signs reading, "Leather is Murder on Cows" and "Wear Your Own Skin--Let Animals Keep Theirs."

The point of the protest was to convince passerbys to ditch their leather shoes, belts and bags for a variety of vegan accessories available today.

"There's nothing fashionable about tormenting cows and other animals on factory farms and skinning them alive in slaughterhouses," PETA associate director of campaigns Lindsay Rajt said in a statement. "With today's chic and comfortable synthetics and faux leather, it's easy for fashionistas with a shoe fetish to kick the leather habit."

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