Need a job? Maybe Facebook can help

Facebook is now in the job placement business.

Facebook has started a new job-board application that may help you land your next gig.

On Thursday, the social-networking giant launched its

Social Jobs Application

, featuring 1.7 million job listings from five different recruiting organizations -- BranchOut,, Jobvite, DirectEmployers Association, and Work4Labs.

The new Facebook application compiles jobs from each of the five employment sites and puts them in a central location for Facebook users to search for job opportunities.

The launch comes just days after the Labor Department announced an average of 173,000 jobs have been added to the US economy each month since July. In October, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services released numbers that showed jobless rates have dipped for most northwest Ohio counties.

For Facebook's one billion - and counting - users, the new feature puts them within an advantageous circle for recruitment. It's a circle not unfamiliar to sites like


that focus on the social-networking aspect of recruitment. And, while more and more companies admit to using Facebook, along with other social media, in their recruitment process, this new application brings the process full circle.


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