Neighbors remember postal worker killed in accident

The village of Dundee is still reeling after Tuesday's freak accident that resulted in the death of lifelong resident and postal worker Nancy Schaeffer, 46. Schaeffer was delivering mail on her route when something went terribly wrong. A porch gave way and sent her falling into an old cellar down below. Sgt. Tom Redmond with Dundee Police Department say Schaeffer fell thru the concrete probably down to the bottom of this 10ft deep area beneath the porch.

On Thursday, the American flag flew at half mast in front of the postal office where Schaeffer reported to work every day for the past 18 years.

In Dundee, the mail gets delivered to drop boxes at the door. Rebekah Federer was one of many neighbors on Schaeffer TMs route who got to know her well. She was a very friendly person every time you saw her she was just smiling always had something, she'd stand and talk to you 5-10 minutes. She remembers the last time she saw Schaeffer. Just a couple days ago I was on the porch I walked down to give her the mail that was in the mailbox.

On Tuesday afternoon, she was working her regular route, when she approached this home at the intersection of Midway and Adams as she's done many times before.

The porch to the home gave way. Nancy who was on the phone with a coworker at the time said she had fallen through the porch and needed help. Not long after, more than 500lbs of concrete fell, crushing her to death.

Investigators call her death a freak accident. The wooden beams they held the concrete up had rotted away and collapsed. Below was an old cellar that had been covered over. No charges will be filed against the homeowner.

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