Neighbors share concerns over Toledo Zoo's demolition plans

A couple of dozen South Toledo neighbors gathered at The Toledo Zoo Thursday evening to discuss how planned demolition and changes to zoo property will affect them.

"We've lost being able to turn around from the rail, we've lost being able to come in through that road and now you're asking us to essentially have a dead-end road," said Glenn Thompson.

These folks say for the most part they have enjoyed living next to the zoo but they are frustrated that it does not really involve residents in planned changes or listen to their feedback.

They say there are some positives about the current proposal but they remain unconvinced.

"It would be desirable definitely to have less truck traffic on the street but it comes at a high price. I'm not sure that we're willing to give up that access to the trail and make an area that could be dangerous for the residents," said Emily Morrison.

The zoo says they will consider this feedback and consult with the City of Toledo before moving forward with plans.

They told NBC24 they expect to get back with residents in a month or two before demolition begins.